Powerline clearing & Fire hazard reduction

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    Powerline clearing

    Powerline Clearing Hobart

    For powerline clearing in Hobart & Surrounds, Horizon Tree Service are the ones to call. Our expert team will attend to complete the job on time and to perfection.

    Have you received a notice from your power company in regards to trees and vegetation in close proximity to your service lines? You are responsible for keeping trees that grow on your property a safe distance from your electricity line, the line which runs from the street to your house. This is important in reducing the risk for both bushfires and outages. Horizon Tree Service will carry out powerline clearing in Hobart and surrounds to Australian standards by qualified and trained staff, in accordance to the required regulations and local bylaws. Correct pruning practices and safety are our main concern, making sure your job is carried out to the high standard.

    Example of customers responsibilities

    Customer A is responsible for clearing vegetation inside their property boundary that could affect all parts of their service line.

    Customer B is responsible for clearing all vegetation from Customer A’s tree that has crossed their property boundary and affected their service line. You are only responsible for clearing vegetation on your property.

    Speak with your neighbours to come up with a more permanent solution if regrowth continues.

    Customer C is responsible for clearing vegetation around their service line that is within their property boundary. TasNetworks is responsible for maintaining the trees that affect Customer C’s service line on Customer B’s property.

    Customer D is responsible for clearing vegetation inside their property boundary. TasNetworks maintain the tree affecting the distribution line outside the property boundary.

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