What we do

Do you have a dead, dangerous or unwanted tree on your property? Or maybe your neighbours tree limbs are overhanging your property?

At Horizon Tree Service we have a range of tree care services to suit both residential and commercial.

Tree Felling & Removals

We can safely and efficiently remove trees that are dead, dangerous, in close proximity to powerlines and in confined spaces.
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Tree Pruning

We prune trees to assist with views and sunlight including removing dead or diseased branches to improve the health of your trees.
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Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding is a service we offer to remove a tree stump, this minimizes re-growth, makes the area safe and leaves the ground ready for re-landscaping.
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Land Clearing/Fire Hazard Reduction

If you have purchased a new block of land with the intention of building/development, our team can help clear your land to prepare for first stages of construction.
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Powerline Clearing

If you leave your trees unmaintained ,they can start to get too close to your powerlines and become a danger.
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Safe, Reliable & Efficient

We always strive to meet or succeed our customers’ satisfaction.

Over 20 years’ experience

We have the experience and qualifications needed to do the job right the first time.

Always on time

It’s important the job gets done. We’ll be there right on time to take care of it.