Tree Removal Service Hobart


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    Tree Removal Service Hobart

    For tree removal service in Hobart and in surrounding areas, Horizon Tree Service are the ones to call. Our expert team will attend to complete the job on time and to perfection.

    We are an experts tree removal and felling company in Hobart.

    Tree removal is considered a last resort for when the tree cannot be pruned to reduce a hazard. Our qualified arborist can determine if tree pruning can restore the trees health, appearance and safety or if the tree should be considered for removal.

    Tree Felling Service Hobart

    Horizon Tree Service are the experts when it comes to your tree felling service in Hobart. We take care of tree removals in large, dangerous and confined spaces. Our extensive experience, high standards of safety, and the use of correct machinery and equipment allows us to complete the tree removal process in a quick, safe and efficient manner. We ensure that all care is taken to prevent damage to property and surrounding areas.

    Reasons for tree removal–

    • The tree is dead or dying or diseased and has become a safety hazard
    • Root system causing damage to underground assets or foundations
    • Land clearing for residential or commercial development
    • Storm damaged
    • Fire Hazard Reduction
    • Outgrown the area
    • Landscaping

    If you’re unsure if you think a tree requires pruning or removal, get in contact with us today, we’ll be happy to conduct a free on-site assessment and offer you our expert advice!

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